Grohe All-In-One Showers and Retrofit Kits (26128, 27867)

Grohe 26128

Start your bathroom redesign off right, or convert your existing normal showerhead into an all in one handheld and rain shower combination!

The best of both worlds.

With the Grohe 26128 and Grohe 27867 all-in-one shower systems, you can have a versatile handheld and a peaceful rain shower from one beautiful unit.

The Grohe Euphoria System 180 with thermostat for wall mount brings a touch of class to your new bathroom or new remodel. The dual-function unit allow an easy switch between handheld and rain shower waterflow. Grohe’s patented SafeStop technology is built in to prevents scalding.  CoolTouch, another Grohe innovation, controls the surface temperature of the shower system to ensure it stays safe to the touch.

Grohe 27867

For all the functionality of the Euphoria System without having to break into existing walls, the Grohe 27867 Retro-fit 160 Shower System can covert an existing showerhead into something more special.

Stop by our Miami showroom today to try the latest Grohe kitchen and bathroom fixtures, shop online at our extensive plumbing part store, or for more info contact us and let our local Miami staff guide you to the perfect fixture.


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