The Latest in Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing Fixture Design

Modern Plumbing Fixtures have never been more Stylish or efficient.

Bathroom Sink and Fixture in Miami Showroom.Let’s face it, the environment and efficiency are buzz words in today’s culture, but that is a good thing for the state of plumbing fixtures. The big names in kitchen and bathroom like Kohler, Delta, American Standard and others are all getting in the “green” game and it looks like the winner is going to be the consumer.

Environmentally friendly features like low-flo faucets and shower heads can drastically cut down the amount of water used by redirecting how the water leaves the fixture. In that way, the products can still provide ample water pressure while lowering the cost of water bills as well decreasing waste water runoff.

Kitchen sink with modern faucet fixture.In addition, styles have never been more attractive when it comes to bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Whether you have modern or traditional tastes, the design bar has been set high in the latest offerings.

One thing all these products have in common is that you can see and try them in Guillen’s Miami Plumbing Showroom. We have working displays and knowledgeable staff to get you the kitchen or bathroom fixtures that best fit your needs. Stop by our showroom, or use the form to the left to get started on your quest for the perfect plumbing fixtures today!

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