Steam Shower Units

Buy a Steam Shower and bring the luxury and relaxation of a sauna to your own home.

Woman in Steam Shower MiamiAfter a long day, few things can relax you like some time in the sauna. But who wants to drive to the health spa to relax? Enter: the Steam Shower.

Also sometimes referred to as a Steam Bath, a Steam Shower Unit provides homeowners with a way to bring the sauna home. Existing showers can now be fitted with steam features that rival the most expensive and luxurious health spas. While Steam Shower Kits can be purchased containing most of the necessary parts and fittings, professional installation is suggested. The staff in our Miami showroom can help you buy the right parts and assist with finding a qualified installer.

Digital controls mounted into the existing shower allow a user to control the temperature, duration of steam and even add soothing aromatic scents. By creating a moisture locked system, your own shower can now serve as a personal steam room. Cold water is pumped into a steam generator unit discretely installed into your bathroom cabinet or closet area. The generator uses electricity to quickly heat the the water to boiling point, then send the steam out to a aperture in the shower stall where digital controls allow you to customize the temperature and other options.

Ready to learn more about your Steam Shower options? Contact us now, or stop by our Miami showroom to learn more. Our trained staff will help you find the steam shower generator or unit that is right for you.

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