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Guillen’s: An Authorized Showroom Dealer

February 8, 2013

Did you know that Guillen’s is an Authorized Showroom dealer? Being an Authorized Showroom dealer is actually a privilege and something which is earned, not just given out freely. Manufacturers have specifically extended to Guillen’s their permission to sell their product. What does this mean to the customer? It means that Guillen’s has to meet each manufacturers’ standards and code of conduct. Each manufacturer provides training, brochures, referrals and expertise on their products. This also means that Guillen’s offers a higher level of service and has access to local manufacturer representatives and agents in order to best serve its customers. Additionally, by dealing with Guillen’s as an authorized showroom dealer, you will be purchasing the genuine product brand without having to worry about knock-offs or cheap imitations by third party companies. Visit our showroom, speak to our incredible staff and see for yourself the difference that being an Authorized Showroom Dealer makes.


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