Where to buy Tankless and Instant Water Heaters in Miami? Guillens.

Technician walking away from freshly installed Bosch Tankless Water Heater in Miami.

What is a tankless waterheater?

A tankless water heater instantly heats water, compared to storing and heating a large tank of water for future use. This means that a conventional water heater is continuously heating water day and night, putting constant strain on the unit, where a tankless heater creates hot water on demand. Traditional water heaters have a life of less than 10 years, while tankless can last up to 20 years.

Why buy tankless?

tankless water heaters miamiIn addition to being more reliable, tankless water heaters have many benefits. Because they only heat water when you need it, there is no need to constantly heat water, which equals energy and cost savings for you. On demand water also means no shortage of hot water for showering, laundry, and dishes at the same time.

Along with efficiency and convenience, tankless water heaters take far less space than traditional units. Sizes are generally comparable to that of a briefcase, and can be mounted on interior or exterior walls.

For Bosch and Titan water heaters, start at Guillens.

Call or visit our showroom today to speak with our knowledgeable staff about your options. We stock the top brands including  Bosch and Titan Water Heaters in our Miami showroom in a range of capacities and prices.

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In addition, we carry replacement parts for all Guillen products available.  To view and try our wide assortment of gorgeous products like this brushed gold faucet in person, stop by our showroom at 11040 West Flagler Street in Miami. Our friendly staff will help with any questions you may have and are always eager to share ideas to help your bathroom or kitchen project run smoothly. To get any questions about this brushed gold faucet answered online, contact us here.

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We also offer an online store where you can order parts as well that can be delivered directly to your doorstep.  Plumbers and contractors have depended on the Guillen’s since 1973 to get them the right part, right from the start and we’ll do the same for you. Thanks for visiting our site!

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