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September 19, 2017

Water Rainbow Flow bathtub filler in Polished Chrome finish on dispay in our Miami showroom.

View the Water Rainbow Flow Bathtub Filler in action in our Miami showroom.

“The Water Rainbow® Flow bathtub filler is inspired by the original Jacuzzi® Water Rainbow® faucet made popular years ago. The uniquely shaped spout creates a dramatic cascade of water and a unique flow pattern. Luxury materials and components take this classic concept to a whole new level.” – Jacuzzi® Whirlpool Website

The Water Rainbow® Flow bathtub filler is one of a kind and sets it apart from its competition. Its sleek and chic design has the looks and functionality. Its 8 ½ wide spout brings drama to the forefront of faucets and creates a waterfall effect. The minimum flow rate of 9 gallons per minute allows the bath tub to be filled quickly, which gets you in your relaxing bathtub faster. The spout is made of sleek and sturdy brass with metal handles in the shape of cubes to tie in with the overall theme. This one of a kind faucet comes in three gorgeous finishes; polished chrome, white and brushed nickel.

Jacuzzi Water Rainbow Flow Bathtub Filler in 3 different finishes.

Come take a look at the different finishes in our Miami plumbing showroom and see the Water Rainbow® Flow in action for yourself!

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