Who Is Guillen?


The story of Guillen’s begins in 1973. At that time, after having served in Vietnam as a U.S. Navy Seabee, Master Plumber Jose Guillen started Guillen’s with his wife Yolanda. Back then, it was just Jose, Yolanda, a single truck and a dream. Once Jose’s grandfather designed the Guillen’s logo (the same logo that is being used to this day), hand-painted on its first truck, Guillen’s was ready to go. It began primarily as a warranty repair service for most plumbing and whirlpool brands. At that time, Guillen’s service area was mostly limited to Southeast Florida, but steadily expanded. Business began growing, and soon Jose and Yolanda decided to open their plumbing showroom.

The Guillen’s showroom opened in 1975. It was so revolutionary that it set forth industry standards which are still being used to this day. Though the showroom has grown in size and in the amount of products offered, it is firmly rooted in the tradition set forth by Jose and Yolanda nearly 40 years ago.


Guillen’s remains very much a family owned and operated business. Though Jose and Yolanda have since retired, Guillen’s is now headed by their daughter Veronica . Under Veronica’s guidance, and her dedicated staff Guillen’s has grown by leaps and bounds. While Guillen’s no longer operates its plumbing repair business, its plumbing showroom flourishes. Guillen’s has also grown to become the number one volume parts distributor in the United States, stocking approximately 12,000 different parts and carrying 200,000 items in their inventory. Guillen’s is also an authorized showroom dealer for all of the major brands, including Kohler, American Standard, Grohe and Jacuzzi® Whirlpools, and is also an authorized genuine repair parts distributors for all of these brands and more. From beginning as a business that primarily served Southeast Florida, Guillen’s now has clients from throughout all of the United States and internationally as well.

Additionally, though having long-had a web presence, Guillen’s internet presence is even greater today. Customers can browse Guillen’s cutting-edge website and access Guillen’s enormous parts supply 24/7. Likewise, customers can call and speak with a live Guillen’s representative, based in the United States, at any time.

The foundation for Guillen’s was laid by the hard-work and dedication of Jose and Yolanda. Without their tireless efforts, Veronica would not have been able to take Guillen’s where it is today.


The future of Guillen’s is truly exciting. Guillen’s will continue to set the standard in the industry and continue to grow, continually adapting to our customers’ needs and wants and remaining dedicated to providing our customers with the best, most knowledgeable and personal service possible. We are grateful for those who have made all this possible, who have supported us along the way and grown along with us, and look forward to growing along with them even further.